Top 3 Medal Design Tips


Affordable Price

You will get the most from your hard-earned dollar with our Custom Medal. We offer only the most competitive medal pricing that are designed to work for any budget. That’s because we’re synonymous with efficiency. It’s what makes you come out ahead in a race – and in business.

Top Quality

At Medalab, we know that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. That’s why supplying top quality Custom Medal is our utmost priority.

Fast Delivery

We understand that events are all about deadlines. Therefore we work closely with our customers to ensure that our Custom Medal arrive on time to them. No matter how tight your timeline or how urgent your order is, you can leave the hardest part to us and sleep sound at night.

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Usually, it takes about 20-25 days for us to produce and deliver medals to you. However, medal design that are more complex, large quantity, and rural delivery location might take up to 40 days for production and delivery. So the earlier you can confirm the design and quantity with us, the better. 

In general, YES. However, we have to consider on a case by case basis taking into account your medal design, quantity, delivery location and many other factors.

Our shortest production + delivery record is 6 days, and we are proud to say that up to date, our delivery rate is 100%. We have never failed to deliver to our client within the deadline. So, when we say YES, it means you can be rest assured that you will have medal on the event day.

There is no minimum order quantity for MedaLAB medals. We will do even 1 piece of medal for you, but bear in mind the cost per piece will be much higher when the quantity is low.  

This is one of the most common questions asked by our client.

At MedaLAB, we don’t have a fixed price on our medals, as all our medals are fully customized. Each medal is distinctively unique in their size, thickness, colour and finishing. Therefore, our MedaLAB Specialist will work hand in hand with you to make sure that your medal is worth every penny spent.

If you already have a budget in mind but the design is above your budget, we will advice you on how to reduce certain aspects of the medal while still maintaining the “wow” factor for your participants.

In this case, you are welcomed to speak to our MedaLAB Specialist so that we can guide you on the costing based on the medal specification.

The process of designing a custom made medal is highly complicated, as it requires a lot of technical knowledge on what can and cannot be done on the medal. To save all your hassle, we provide medal design services for you. You may draft out your ideas/objects in words or in drawing, we will do the rest for you. If your event has a theme or visual, we will base the medal design on that, so that it is consistent with your theme.

In general, custom made medals size range between 7CM to 9CM and thickness range from 3.0CM x 4.0CM. All MedaLAB medals are 100% customized according to your requirement, so you can be assured that your medal is unique and one-of-its-kind.

In general, up to 90% of the custom made medals in the market including MedaLAB, are made of the material called Zinc Alloy. It’s a strong, durable and cost effective alloy material that is highly suitable to make medals.

Antique Gold, Silver, Bronze and Brass finishing is generally the cheapest type of finishing. Antique silver is the most common type of finishing in the market as it resembles the “metal” look.
The more colour the medal has, the higher the medal price.
Size & Thickness:
The bigger and thicker the medal is, the higher the medal price

For illustration, a smaller & thinner antique finishing medal with lesser colour will cost less than a bigger & thicker shine finishing medal with more colours.

Yes we do! We can ship to almost all countries. In fact, MedaLAB have served customers from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, even as far as Australia!

By default, lanyard is included in all MedaLAB medals, unless our customers request otherwise.


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